Hello! My name’s Cecily and I’m from Manchester. I recently graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in History, and am now working in Edinburgh as a Constituency Assistant for Daniel Johnson MSP. You can expect a lot of articles on Scotland from me because of this! I’ve been a member of the Labour Party since the 2015 General Election, and have volunteered on several campaigns since. I also like running, going to gigs, and reading in my spare time.



Hi I’m Helen. I’m an undergraduate law student and I am currently taking an Erasmus year abroad, studying law at the University of Poitiers in France. I am politically minded and in my degree I enjoy thinking about the societal questions posed by the law. I hope to explore similar ethical questions in my articles for this site.


Hello, my name is Raja and I work in public policy, specifically relating to infrastructure policy in the UK. I have a Masters in International Relations from the University of St Andrews and a First Class BA Hons in Political Science from the University of Hull. My areas of interest include Human Rights, Globalisation, Democracy, British Politics, International Security and Cultural identity. Look forward to debating!

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